Wednesday, 1 April 2009

End of Year Review...

Well it's amazing that its arrived so fast but tentatively our first year is over and what a time its been. For me personally this has been one of my favorite years as a student in any of the courses I've attended and I'm not saying that just to butter people up the right way. The previous experiences I've had with great teachers who try there best to teach you in the way they are essential told to do by higher powers have worked to a degree but to be around 3 teachers (and Jack) who know what they teach to such a high degree has been so informative and inspiring. It's the first time in years I've been pushed to this degree and it has helped create such positive results in such a short time e.g. my understanding of tone, perspective, placement and angles as well as the line making skills which has completely unlocked a door I've been trying to get through for longer than I can remember. It seems a shame (without naming names) that some people just don't seem to appreciate the vast amount of knowledge and expertise they have available to them and somehow even thinking they know better than the tutors. (note: when you have someone who has 10+ years experience making actual game content telling you to do something a certain way don't sit there and think you know better, you don't so grow up). The films we've been allowed to watch annually on Wednesday have been a great learning experience too, as I've seen a lot of what we have seen already I was able to sit there and watch them with my student head on and reconstruct them in the way we are supposed to to obviously get the point of why we are watching them in the first place. My understanding and interest of art direction has been greatly increased and have a much better idea as to just how important the process is and its something that I'm going to continue to study in my own time so thank you mike for opening that door. In all I've really enjoyed my first year and I've really got my passion back for drawing and where I want to get in my life which is ultimately down to the great teachers we have and what they have thought us, the one thing that frustrates me is that some people don't seem to share this passion and considering doing a 3 year university course is a big commitment it boggles what other peoples motivations if any are or what they want to do but it doesn't really matter, I enjoy what I do and I look forward to the journey ahead. Thank you Heather, Mike, Chris and Jack, see you in the summer.

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