Thursday, 26 March 2009

Nintendo's GDC Keynote Highlights

Here's a round up of all the stories that sprung forth from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's keynote speech today, which brought us a Wii storage solution and an all new Legend of Zelda DS title.

Having run out of game consoles, Nintendo today launched Virtual Console Arcade, with a variety of classic arcade titles already available for purchase from the Wii Shop Channel.

Gaplus, Star Force, The Tower of Druaga, Mappy and Space Harrier are all available to download and play on your Wii, priced at 500 Wii points a piece with the exception of Gaplus, where the plus apparently translates to 100 more Wii points. Space Harrier and Solvalou named as two additional titles coming soon. Sega, Namco and Taito have all signed on to provide their arcade hits to Wii owners.

Final Fantasy fans will have plenty to download on their Nintendo Wii consoles this year, with two WiiWare titles and the appearance of the original games on the Virtual Console.

Formally announced at Nintendo's keynote, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Dark Lord is the follow up to last year's My Life as a King, so one would reason it's the same thing, only different. It's joined on WiiWare by Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, a port of the official FFIV sequel released last year for Japanese cell phones.

This year also sees the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo Final Fantasy titles making an appearance on the Wii Virtual Console, beginning with the original and following the natural order of things after that.

Nintendo's keynote ended up bearing Zelda fruit after all, with the announcement of the tentatively titled The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the Nintendo DS.

The new game, which looks to play a bit like The Phantom Hourglass, features dungeon maps on the top screen, gameplay on the bottom screen, and a bit of a fascination with trains. In the trailer Link is seen acting as the engineer for a train with a cannon mounted on the locomotive.

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