Saturday, 14 March 2009

Life Changing or Career Building?

I have found that being taught in a ‘liberal arts’ style has been a lot more useful and productive than any other form art education I have previously received. I never noticed before coming here that a lot of education in general is telling you what people think you should know or has been taught out of habit because “that’s the way it’s always been done”. In recent lectures and talks I really have come to understand that being taught and understanding the reason and purpose for being taught something that is actually useful a lot more productive and inspiring. In drawing for instance I’ve always been told to loosen up my work/drawing style to let it flow onto the page but was never told why or the benefits for doing so, that was until Chris demonstrated why and then got us to practise the process by going outside and drawing a quick environment scene, and to me it was like a light being turned on, I finally got it, I finally understood the process I was taught and it all fell into place. Over the years I’ve been taught so many different ways of doing thing or how things should be done but hardly ever why, what is the purpose of doing it that way? Most of the time I would get the answer “because its easier” but why is it? I think it’s much better in the long run to know not only how to draw something correctly but why it should be drawn in that way in the first place, this way you can convey a lot more in what you are producing and it will be of more benefit for the person your producing it for because they will be able to understand to a greater degree what your trying to convey. I think this is why what trained artists from a fine art back ground because they have a higher understanding of creating imagery which tell a story correctly because that’s essentially what video games are, are series of scenes telling a story and this only works if what is proposed is believable in the first place. I think it’s by far the best way to be taught and I think if anyone what’s a better chance to get into the industry it’s something they should pursue. Is it life changing or careerbuilding?, i think its both, i know from what i've learn over the past few months has already given me a better understanding of my own work and i know that the influences on future work will always now be there. Thanks Chris.

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