Friday, 30 April 2010

Something to feed you brain's...

Just wanted to share a couple of links with you on here to some interesting articles I found while online. The first is an article called "Videogames and the Philosophy of Art" by Roger Ebert, He comments about video games and their potential as art. To view the article click here.

The Second article is the age old discussion of "Death and Ethical Violence in Videogames". Rather than just being another article shouting how its harming our children and such, it try's to explain how it is used in some cases to deepen stories and even make you empathise more with a character in a given situation. So give this one a try too, To view the article click here.

Oh and just as an extra, Here's a link to "Half Life 2: Raising the Bar" BUY IT!! Its something that everyone should read regardless if you have played the games of not, its like a bible for game artists and modelers on how the whole design process from start to finish should be carried out, Plus its Mike approved. Its a bit pricey now but I urge everyone to get it. Click Here.

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